Shreshth Khilani

Table on Table on Table

Co-creator, writer, performer (June 2018)


An auditory/dance composition, Table on Table on Table, tells the story of a queer immigrant, Tapan, as he struggles to choose between making a home in Philadelphia, where he feels safe in his queerness, and taking care of his mother, who he discovers, is dying of cancer in India. 

As the audience listens to Tapan decide, his mother's cells divide and divide and divide.

Featured in SoLow Fest 2018. 


Immigrant Kitchen

Creator, performer (June 2018)

IMG_2459 2.jpg

My father puts more green chilies on his dal than his mother did. I put kale on my dal.

What happened when the glacial generational change of recipes in my family was interrupted by my immigrating to the United States? 

You are invited to cook a meal from my childhood with me in my kitchen as I talk about food, immigration, queerness, and cricket.