Co-creator, performer (2018)


CHEZ VOUS is an in-your-kitchen, live-streamed, anonymous cooking show where two sous chefs and a cameraperson show up a stranger’s home and cook them a meal with whatever food is in their kitchen.

Participants sign up for a slot without knowing who will show up at their door. They interface only with Chef Daagh and are told that they get on their table what they bring to the table.

CHEZ VOUS indulges in modern technology and social media while it explores how intimacy, cooking, and human connections can exist within, through, and despite a live show on Twitch.

The show is created by and Shreshth Khilani and Jeremy Cohen, who are also the sous chefs, with a lot of help by Christopher Haddad, Jimmy Grzelak, Talia Mason, and Sarah Marks Mininsohn. Find out more at

A version of CHEZ VOUS was premiered as a part of Philadelphia’s Digital Fringe Festival in September 2018.