Immigrant Kitchen

Creator, performer (2018)


Cooking might seem mundane, but in my kitchen, when I cook the food my grandmothers cooked for me in my childhood, (this might sound silly, but stay with me) there is magic.

Dough will rise; a stew will simmer; the skin of a fruit will soak; Shiv will be Parvati; queers will rejoice. In my kitchen, you can cook with me. In my kitchen, you can move with me. In my kitchen you can listen, talk, and really, you can be you.

My kitchen is queer, gender non-conforming, and powerful. Come hang out with them (and me).

Immigrant Kitchen is a show about the femininity in my life, my queerness, my grandmothers, cooking, and Hindu mythology. You are invited to this 8-person performance during which you will help cook a meal from my childhood. After, we will sit together and break bread.

Immigrant Kitchen is created and performed by Shreshth Khilani and directed by Jeremy Cohen. Performances are through the month of November and the first week of December, 2018. More details are on the Facebook event page. You can reserve a (free) ticket here.

Major support for Immigrant Kitchen has been provided by the Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant.

An early version of Immigrant Kitchen was premiered at SoLow Fest 2018.